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Some say that if Darwin had never lived, someone else would have given us the same insights about life' origins. That is surely true, for Alfred Russel Wallace, working in the same nation at the same time, came up with insights similar to Darwin's about the origin of life's diversity. But the figure we know today as the father of evolution is the iconic, white-bearded, contemplative Charles Darwin. We know about his family, which nurtured free thinking; his inspiring teachers, his voyage as a young man on HMS Beagle; the belated publication of his famous book; and the torment and struggles that his ideas hailed down upon him during his lifetime and bequeathed to generations following him. Darwin's story is a tale told around the world, one of scientific genius and personal perseverance. Life in the 21st century, including all of the biological sciences and their applications, is unimaginable without Darwin. From across 15 decades, Darwin invites us into his world with sheer poetry in the final sentence of On the Origin of Species: Book jacket.
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