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Author Ric Smith, a teacher in the Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism, the stadium announcer for Auburn football, and a United Methodist minister, has always warmly welcomed students to "tea time" after class--a chance to chat informally about whatever is on their minds. These discussions often turn to career, marriage, and God. When his own son, Harry, went off to college, Ric drew from these conversations and his own experiences to pen a series of heartfelt and conversational letters on life, love, and faith.

Every Day Is an Audition is a collection of these thought-provoking letters, written for all students in a warm and encouraging style, and reorganized into topical chapters. Ric addresses ideas young men and women wrestle with as they begin life on their own--identity, education, relationships, and faith. Ric believes young adults expect and deserve adult-level conversation, so while his entries may be poignant, they are often also blunt and honest. Chapters include Dare to Be Different; Money Is Like a Shovel; What Was I Thinking; Just Show Up; Low Expectations; and Looking for God.

This book is not intended to serve as a lifestyle manual or set of directions. Rather, it is designed to give readers a few things to think about and to create an opportunity for private pondering or group discussion. The ideal gift for high school graduates and others living away from home for the first time, Every Day Is an Audition would also be a valuable addition to the book shelf of every college dorm room, fraternity and sorority house, and off-campus apartment, inspiring young adults to engage fully in their college years . . . and well beyond!
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