Order Fulfillment Assistant

Job Description:

Essential Functions                                                                                        

  • Print online orders from Ratex daily.
  • Pull orders from back stock area first then the sales floor.
  • Charge out all orders and check on orders that decline.
  • Package and ship orders in a timely manner.
  • Respond to customer voicemails and emails daily.
  • Provide exceptional customer service at all times.
  • While taking phone orders be sure to suggestively sale merchandise at all times.
  • Greet customers and assist them with finding the products and services they desire.
  • Engage, listen, & ask questions to understand the customer’s wants/needs.
  • Have an enthusiastic attitude towards helping others.
  • Actively sell merchandise while on the sales floor.
  • Efficiently and accurately process customer transactions on the cash register.



Job Expectations                                                                                            

  • Be familiar with all merchandise carried in the clothing and novelty department.
  • Have a base knowledge of the other departments within the AU Bookstore.
  • Arrive on time for all shifts, dressed in accordance to the dress code, presenting a professional appearance and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Wear your name badge at all times.
  • Verbally thank each customer.
  • Communicate work availability to supervisors each semester.
  • Attend all mandatory trainings and workshops.
  • Follow all procedures set forth in the student employee handbook, along with all departmental and university policies.


General Schedule                                                                                            

This position will be scheduled to work 2-8 hour shifts Monday-Friday 7:30am -5:30pm. There are occasional weekend shifts throughout the year. All students are required to work football Saturdays. This position is expected to work at least 10 hours weekly with a maximum of 20 hours. The position is available fall, spring, and summer semesters with limited hours during semester and holiday breaks. Students that choose to work through the summer semester and choose not to take classes at Auburn University will be allowed to go over the 20 hour limit.


Job Requirements                                                                                           

  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University.
  • Complete Security Awareness Training (annually).
  • Be available to work every home football game.


Physical Requirements                                                                                  

  • Must be able to climb ladders.
  • Must be able to climb stairs frequently.
  • Must be able to frequently lift approximately 10-20 lbs.
  • Must be able to occasionally lift approximately 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to stand for 4 hours at a time.


Preferred Qualifications                                                                                 

  • Retail experience
  • Order Fulfillment experience is a plus
  • Proficient in writing professional email correspondences to customers
  • Cash register experience
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Effective communication skills

    • Face to face
    • Via phone
    • Via email


  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Ability to work individually as well as cooperatively with others.




Auburn University Bookstore, Haley Center

Starting Compensation



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